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I've created a petition for Coker Tire to produce Firestone Wide Oval 275/60R15, L60/15, and/or LR60/15. This is for people in our Ford communities who are going for the original look Firestone's that these cars came with from the factory, whether radials, polyglas/bias or bias-look radials.

This is the exact size for the rear tires of the original Starsky & Hutch TV Torino as well as a very common size among classic Ford owners. Coker tech support suggested I gather the data of folks who would be interested and report back to them. This might go nowhere, but worth a shot.

Please take a second to submit your name & email on this petition and share the with ANY other S&H, or classic Ford owners!

Petition for Coker Tire to Produce Firestone Wide Oval 275/60R15, L60/15, LR60/15 Tire
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