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Hi Guys,
The photos aren't the greatest, as the batteries in my camera were dangerously low, so I was in a hurry. My intitial assessment of the car is as follows: Engine sounds pretty tight, quiet,dosen't smoke, and carries good oil pressure according to the gauge, especially for having 197K miles on it. Starter has a contact issue, somtimes you have to tap on the case or solenoid to get it to run. The down side is it leaks pretty good from the rear pan area after it starts to warm up, I'm thinking rear main seal. It also has a slight intermittent miss, and judging from the look of the plug wires, I can understand why. Transmission goes into gear promptly and shifts well. Front suspension is clunky and I already noticed a torn ball joint boot. Obviously, a good going over of the front suspension is in order. BTW, did you notice the Good Year Wranglers on the front! Struts are little spongy, but, being on a tight budget, they'll probably have to wait for a little while. Rear suspension seems good shocks are stiff, rear is quiet and seems tight. Left 2 nice little patches of rubber on the garage floor.
Interior is fair to good, body has a few little hoopies, here and there and a busted up front bumper cover, but is rock solid. No rust anywhere! I'm sure I'll find more needs as time goes on, but all in all I'd say I got a good deal.

1992 Thunderbird Sport. 5.0 HO/AOD Presently stock, but hopefully not for long!

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