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picked up a free transmission, what year is it?

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I'm putting a C4 in my 63 also I found a 5 bolt bellhousing and I stopped by a Ozarks scrap yard and asked if he had a C4 laying aroundhe had 2 transmissions I picked one that has D4DP-7006-AA on it and it's the bolt patteren I need for my 5 bolt bellhousing I think it's a 74 or 75 model under the code in the circles are 12 in one and 75 in the other can anyone tell me if I'm right on the year? Fill tube goes into the case the other transmission the fill tube went into the pan and believe the number on it was D5DP7006-AA but the bellhousing bolted on different it had a bigger bolt pattern and some bolts went in from the outside of the bellhousing not from the front pump like the one I picked up.

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You've got a '74 case fill. The other one is a '75 pan fill. Internals are the same. Only the case and bell are different. The one you have is right for a 5 bolt bell. Just be aware that the input shaft is 26 spline. Original 5 bolt C4s had 24 splines. Not a problem if you have the right converter.
I don't have a converter yet I believe I can pick up a new stock one for around 50 bucks or so and then I have to find the right yoke for the drive shaft. What about a good rebuild book any ideas?
Little late, but can anyone tell me if the D4DP one is good for performance builtup?

The best I can tell is it's from a 74' Maverick.
Get the numbers off the tag on the front band servo. That tag will have a build code and ID code. If that tag is missing you can get the letter cast into the front servo cover. That will tell part of the story. You might not be able to tell what you have until you pull the transmission apart and see how many clutches are in the forward clutch pack and how many are in the direct clutch pack.
They are all worth rebuilding - some you just have to put more money or machine work into.
The Haynes Techbook on Ford Automatic transmission book is ok for a start. It won't tell you any performance modifications but it does a good job of walking you through a rebuild.
What kind of engine are you putting this tranny behind? modified?
Be sure to get a tranny cooler and a reprogramming kit from TransGo.
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