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I just installed a 342 (stock bore 347)The car pings under load. had the car on the dyno, did not ping on the dyno but when driven on the street it pings, although at the track with 100 unleaded it does not ping at all. My set up is as follows 342 with flat top pistons
.510 .535 lift adv dur 289 299 112 ctrs
Edelbrock performer 60cc stage I heads
gt40 uper and lower intake
fms 24# injectors c&l 76 mm maf
mac 73mm throttle body w egr plate
stock air box and ducting, no silencer
msd pro billit dist Dist set @ 12deg
Timing set thruogh chip for max pwr
BBK unequal length 1 5/8 headers
bassini x flow cats 2.5"catback
I was wondering if 30# or 36# injectors would cure my preignition problems ?? any suggestions??? also has anyone used the densecharger from molet? thanks in advance
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