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Pinks reminder

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Just wanted to let everyone know the episode, we raced with our Galaxie with is going to air on speed "pinks" wenesday 29th. Hope all enjoy.

I will get all the car build / engine spec. on the board soon.

Thanks Trace
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I can never seem to remember! I caught last weeks with major hopes of seeing your ride. Now I know it will be this week!
Ya thanks for the heads up...I've been wanting to see this one. On a trans am forum I was looking around and they were talking about pinks and this guy said he's buddy was suppose to be on it, but didn't get his car done and had to turn it over...I wonder who it was that got it the guy owned a Galaxie of some sort they said
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Alrighty then, finally! I didn't dare miss Pinks for fear I would miss that !! Good job for putting the 65 Galaxie in the spotlight. Was getting sick of the usual Chevelle, Camaro, Nova, Mustang thing!! Man, I saw the episode where an extremely powerfull Firebird raced an import !!!!!
. To start off, the import guy asked for 20 car lengths. WHAT THE FU** !!!
(I'd like to put that down 20 times)
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I "understand" the concept of a "spot", bracket racing...all that is well'n good. But, when someone asks for a 20 car spot, it's getting way past "tarded".

Reminds me of this lady that had a poomer-poddle, rat dog. It was facing off, and yapping at a 150lb, kept barking and yipping and yapping. The Rott's owner had him in a down-stay and luckily, the Rott was well train and was holding the stay, althought he did look like he was thinking it was about lunch time.

I could not understand the Lady at all. she said nothing to her Poomer-poodle and it just kept on provoking the Rott. Even common sense would make you at least pick up the little tidbit.

The terms Alligator mouth, and tweedy bird &** come to mind.
Will watch it, thanks!
What time and channel is this on so I can have someone record it for me since I live in the country and don't have cable.




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Speed Channel. Check the website or google search for it. Depends what time zone you live in.
I have Dish Network and can't find it on the Speed Channel. I'll have to keep checking though.

Talk about spots.

In 1962, when the first Mopar 413s/auto came out, they had no compeition whatsoever.

So, just to boost some interest, at Englishtown Dragway in NJ, they put a Chevy Monza (standing start) at the 1/8 poster and started the 413 from the regular starting line.

The 413 won.

In 1969, we'd race Sundays at Englishtown, and then go down to Flemington, NJ on Wednesdays after work for grudge night. I worked for Ford in the Teterboro Parts Depot back then, and drove a 1968 Cyclone GT fastback, 302/4v, 4sp, 3:50 rear, CJ428 RamAir hoodscoop, Holley carb, Keystone Classic wheels with 14" Goodyear Polyglas raised white letter tires.

Car was a beauty, peppy, but no rocket, but they wouldn't let me run pure stock because Ford neglected to tell the powers to be that the 1968 Cyclone had a 302/4V factory option, which the Torino did not. (No 351 option in 1968.)

The good old days.
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It was so NEATto watch! I am still pumped!

Tracy, You played the game very well!

Was the last race all she had?
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bad ass car! was that in PHX? I dont like AMP (they burned alot of people) but that galaxie was so sweet. I love how they said "the hood collapsed" best show ever. I would have cried if the crapi would have won.
I recorded it. good thing, had a work call and missed the first 30 minutes. That last win was as good as seeing the 88 car win!
Definitely an awesome race and awesome Galaxie!
Great bit of racing. Can we expect to see the Capri on Ebay today
What was the other car?
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Caught the episode last night. Impressive! Very nice car. 65' was actually the year I would have chosen...had I had a choice. Father-in-law dropped off the 64' in my driveway. :^)
Ok, we've seen it air. Now we want all the specs. Was it a stroked 460, I forgot
. Just how much glass do you actually have on that thing? I missed the beginning, what did the Merc Comet have in it. Looked like a good body on it. Congrats.

Factory 65 Galaxie 500 390/4v
79 Mercury Marquis 351w/2v daily driver

No matter how complicated something is or seems, always start with the simple basics then work your way to the rocket science !!!

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great racing! I was very impressed. Too bad we didn't get to see her on the bottle. beautiful car!
Round Gals are very beautiful for sure but nothing cuts thru the air like our razored edge 1965 Gals!!! Way to put that little pony car in its place!!!
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