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Well I finished my porting project just before the holidays and sent it to the machine shop to get the valves done and to mill the deck straight. I pick them up tomorrow and want to do the head swap this Saturday. (Thank goodness for retired parents with heated shops)
I'm wondering about the heat riser passages to the intake manifold. I've heard of guys filling them in with molten rod or blocking off the passage at the manifold. Any comments? It gets cold up here in Southern Alberta when there's not a good chinook blowing and any help warming up the engine is needed, so if there's not that much loss of flow I don't want to plug them up. Also, how hot of thermostat can I safely run in this 302? The hottest I can find off the shelf is 182 or 185, I think. (the old data storage ain't what it used to be)
Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance, I know you guys know your stuff. That's why I like this sight.

PS. pics to come as soon as I get the film done and developed
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