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Let me start the buildup from start to bottom. I would really like to know what estimated output would be on this as it is my first build up and some of the more knowledgably people down here recommended this to me.

Top end :600 Holley vacuum secondary; Ford duel plane high rise inlet manifold; Home ported 58cc B series 302 heads with stock valves; Standard headers with twin 2.5” custom ex.; Stock rockers with a 230in 230out at .050 cam; Lift is .512in .512out and Lsa 110

Bottom end : Flat top .030” over pistons; Block 0 decked; 10.5 – 1 compression; Lightened 10” Flywheel

The car runs on 93 oct fuel has no aircon pump or solid fan (uses electric)
Please help out.
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