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Prepare to sh** yourself !!

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Check out ebay item #4605931787. I'm sorry, I don't know how to insert a link.
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Holy CRAP!!!

I would have just loved to been there and seen them all. That was one luck person that could afford to buy all those wonderfull fairlanes.
This is like the 3rd time that auction has been spoken of in the last week in 3 diffrent posts... The guy is a TARD for trying to get $50K out of them.....

I really wish he would sell them separately. I have been looking for a good 66/67 390 convertible. I think he would get more out of them by selling them individually, but I guess he doesn't want the hassle of it.
he must have loved those cars like me!
nice huge collection, overpriced?
maybe but i know i could fix 15 of em and sell for a huge profit, and keep 2. heres my far...looking for a 69 fairlane cobra, and a 65 stang fastback..

66 FAIRLANE 500 2dr. hardtop

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I like the one on the rotisserie but....... he said two were done right. I didn't see those two. I think the 427 side oiler is a good bargain also.
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OMG!!! I saw that auction a few months ago and pretty much wrote it off.

Then I watched a show on The Learning Channel about lottery winners, and the ABSOLUTE FIRST thing I thought of was this auction!

Talked to my ex-bro-in-law (long story) about it, and he didn't remember if it sold or not.

Now all of a sudden it shows up again.......

BRB..... gonna go buy a few lottery tickets!
Zero bids & the auction has ended. We'll see them again.

Auction ended January 27th. No sale. Price??? Maybe, maybe not !
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