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Those of you who have been with FordMuscle for a while know that in addition to producing solid tech articles, at times we also serve as a consumer-watchdog for the performance aftermarket. In the recent FM article, Who's in the Box?, we covered the subject of Private Labeling and how manufacturer participation can cannibalize the venerable brands we all grew up with like MSD, Holley, and K&N. We also demonstrated how overseas knock-offs in a store-brand skin can undermine the industry as a whole.

Certainly, the automotive performance aftermarket is well behind the retail food industry when it comes to private labeling. However, this recent article on CNBC might shed some light on what impact the practice could have on your favorite brands if you, me, and every other automotive enthusiast opts for the cheap private label alternative in the years to come.

From CNBC:

Private Label Consumer Goods Making Mark on Public

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