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OK....UPDATE on this, to bring you real experience on the so called "chinese junk".....again experience and NO rumors ! ;)

Got the Engine assembled and had a lot of fun and Power with the new setup.....brought my 69 Cougar to a respectable high 12s Region on the 1/4 mile.....should be able to go quicker but a 60 foot time of 2.05s is still the place to be improved.....1/4 Mile Trap Speed with this engine was 113mph.....that reflects that the engine brings me surely over 400hp at the crank....

I had NO ISSUES with the Heads (even with the also often called "junk" Shaft mounted full rollerrockers of ProComp (1.7) ).....Car runs smooth and strong, also my T5z has no issues with the improved performance....

Now im going to build a 393W over the Winter, cause my Std-Crankshaft had some issues with the main bearings(maybe the Price for the higher torque and hp after the head&camshaftswap)....have changed all the bearings on the bottom (incl. Rod-Bearings),that improved my Oil Pressure again, but the surface of the main journals were not what i call "ALL GOOD, GO FOR ANOTHER 10YEARS".....;)

Will report back when the 393W is breathing through those heads....:)
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