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Problems with 427 strokers??

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I've been looking into building a stroker outta my 351W i have. I was wondering if there are any reliablility problems with a 427 stroker?? I've heard a little bit about oil comsumption, but nothing really concrete. I was also wondering if the rod-ratios would affect it at all? The motor is going in a street-strip car and i don't want to be rebuilding it for a long while. Thanks.
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I even prefer smaller cubes like sticking with the 351...but I like lost of rpm too. It's easier to build a wide power band with a shorter stroke if you stick with W style heads.
If your going the cleveland route, then the stroker can have a wide power band, but usually costs a little more because of the heads (aluminum clevelands).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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