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Well it was just a year ago I started to tear the galaxie down to the frame to paint and upgrade things like brakes, bushings, ball joints, sway bars. Then i decided to build my stock sleepy 289 into a 347 with high perf. ignition, headers, exhaust, carbs, elec fan, rad, etc.

It's finally arrived, i am just hooking things up now such as linkage, generator conversion to alt., and a quick trip to the muffler shop for my x pipe and then a front end alingment. I should have it running in two weeks. I cant wait to hear it, and feel it run. It was 289, 195Hp smoky dog and now it will be around 325 HP i think. I change the reag gear to 370 and added a 2500 stall too.

I'd love to add the pictures to show you, but am not sure how, I added my pic through car domain originally.

I'll let you know!

Thanks for all your help on my questions!



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IMHO you should take beauty to Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale Arizona and tripple your asking price. I love that black beauty, I would nick name that car "FURY"
Bill Bailey
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