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Power steering Idler arm and pitman arm vs manual?
Here are some pics of the idler and pitman arm I took off my car. I ordered all new suspension, and the idler arm I got from CJ is vastly different.

The idler arm and pitman arm that came on my car.

The new CJ arm has 3 holes in the mounting bracket (the car is only drilled for 3 from the factory), the upper being oblong, the bolt holes are bigger than the orig bolts, and the arm itself is about an inch longer than the one I took off, with a big honking nut holding the actual arm to the bracket, and the angle on the drag link end seems to be a little different. It is a heavy duty looking idler arm! It is a longer piece, but looks like the drag link geometry is the same?
The box is labeled and catalog numbers indicate it is indeed a Idler arm for a 67 Manual steering Mustang. My concern, is the length of the arm and geometry, it may create further header clearance problems. My biggest concern is the bolt holes being a lot bigger than the bolts and mounting hole size, seems to me it will allow room for the bracket to work around and come loose with only the clamping force of the nuts holding against the frame and not as much support from the bolt shoulders being tight in the bracket.
CJ Pony insists this is the standard replacement idler arm, and the car must be a factory PS car, ergo why my PS idler arm is different from thier MS arm? I don’t know, its been manual since I owned it.

Scott at MPG has said all along my car is weird if the headers don’t fit? Do I have manual parts on this car, or is the old idler and pitman power steering stuff, that’s CJs story.

I say it’s a power steering idler arm in a manual steering box, that great Taiwanese QC over there.

By the way, the PICTURE in the catalog, the old one looks like the MS, while the new one LOOKs like the PS version. I explained that to the young lad, but he “talked to his early model expert” and they are sticking with I got the wrong stuff. The wont pay return shipping either.
What say you guys.

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the idler arm for power steering is different form manual steering. the pitman arem for manual steering has a big hole and a stud. the pitman arm for power steering has 2 holes. from the fotos you posted you have manuel steering and need a manuel steer idler arm.
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