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I suppose this story actually begins in 2005 after a flywheel explosion in Oregon on my 69 Mach 1. After the incident the car was towed to central Wyoming where it sat in a barn for a few years as I gathered parts.

I moved 2000 miles away to Virginia, so I would fly back every year or so for the last 10 years and work on the car for a week or two at a time.

It has an 11:1 351 Cleveland with closed chamber 4bbl heads set up with screw in studs. Holley Strip Dominator with a Holley HP950
285/295 .606/.606 108ls solid cam with Crane Gold rockers.
Hooker Super Comps into 3" Race Bullets followed by some Dynomax Ultra Flo mufflers with 2.5" mandrel bent tailpipes over the axle.

4-speed wide ratio toploader that has been converted to a big input shaft and big output shaft.
Centerforce clutch
The Z-bar has been replaced with a hydraulic setup.

With the car back in running condition, it was time to stretch her legs and let her do what she does!

I swapped in some 3.00 gears for the trip. The drive started at 5,020 feet in Glenrock WY, so I had the car running rich knowing that it will be getting more air as we came down in elevation.

The odometer read 70685.4 when I fired the Cleveland on day 1

I've got a full tank of gas and fresh Royal Purple in the toploader. All the gauges and lights are working. Got the pleasure of starting out in heavy rain, but the car has new weatherstrip and the wipers work, so it handled it fine. New BFG 235/60/15's on 15x8 magnum 500's. The factory AM radio is Aurora converted.

First stop, Lusk WY....this is roughly an 80 mile drive. My brother lives here and offered to come along for the drive and share the wheel. He had been driving the car a bit a few weeks prior, so he was already familiar with it. He was already confident the car would handle the trip without any problems

We cruised to Torrington WY and stopped for fuel. I put in 10 gallons, checked the fluids, looked the car over....nothing wrong. Everything felt good with the car. It handles good for an old car. It has new KYB shocks on all 4 corners, new upper and lower control arms, inner and outer tie rods. The seats are comfortable, although I don't think I'd want to ride in the back seat. Maybe a kid could do it?

Back on the road we continued east. We ran through a little rain, as we headed east, but it was obvious the car was running better. Torrington is about 4100ft and as we headed east it only dropped in elevation more. We fueled in Big Springs Nebraska. I put in 11.25 gallons

I took over the passenger seat as we headed back out on I-80. It rides comfortably at freeway speed. The 3.00 gears are really making the highway driving a breeze. The car has plenty of passing power. It has 34 degrees total in it and the MSD dristributor has the heaviest springs in it. We stopped for fuel in Kearney NE where I put in 9.5 gallons

I took the driver side for the next tank. Kearney is about 2150ft. The car felt like it was running much better to me than it was the last time I drove it. I stopped in Gretna NE and pumped in 12 gallons. We continued east and stopped in West Des Moines Iowa for the night.

On Day 2 I checked the fluids at the hotel. I went ahead and pulled a plug as well. I brought a bunch of jets and parts just in case of course. The car has a new fuel tank and 3/8" line feeding a Robb MC mechanical fuel pump. It also has a Robb MC starter. We fired the car and drove to the other side of the city to Altoona IA and stopped for fuel. I put in 11 gallons

We continued east along I-80 and got on I-74 at Davenport. The car runs about 175 degrees on the open road and has heated up to 185 driving stoplight to stoplight. It has a new Cold Case 24" radiator without a shroud. We stopped for fuel in Woodhull Illinois where I pumped in 12.5 gallons.

It is pretty loud inside the car compared to riding in a new car, but it is possible to actually talk and listen the radio. I didn't ever really turn the radio up loud, but it could be turned up loud enough to tune out the old Cleveland, but after listening to that old Cleveland sing I'm not sure why you would want to. We fueled again in Oakwood IL, where I put in 11 gallons

We got on I-70 at Indianapolis and cruised on through Indiana on into Ohio. We stopped for fuel at Brookville, where I pumped in 13 gallons. Car has been working well.

We ended up stopping in Columbus Ohio for the night. It seems like the more we drive the car, the better it runs.

With only about 400 miles to go and the way the car had been working so far, we knew it was going to make it. We cruised to Wheeling WV where I pumped in 11.75 gallons. We continued on east until we hit I-81. We stopped again in Winchester VA, where I pumped in 15 gallons.

The final leg of the journey took us on I-66 to Manassas Virginia where I pumped in 5 gallons and finished up the trip with 72685.8 miles on the odometer. Ended up using 122 gallons to go 2000.4 miles. Couldn't have asked for the car to perform any better.

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