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Let me see if I can remember the progression
it was so long ago.

Actually, you can go to my old personal website
and in the "drag page" there is a log of all that I did from day one.

But, besides that. When I first did the roller cam the gains were not that much. I think it did gain a tenth or so (from 13.0's to 12.90's) but that was with a victor jr.

We swapped to the xcelerator because we felt the vic jr was too large and not taking advantage of the additional low-mid range torque from the new roller cam.

Swapping to the xcelerator brought the car to 12.70's, dropped the 60ft a tenth (1.70's to 1.60's). All in all the smaller volume and runners of the xcelerator were just a better match for the ported 289 heads and low 9:1 compression of the motor.

In a nutshell, if you are mid 13's now... what are your 60ft times? That is probably the first place to look for improvement.

hope that helps some.
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