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I have a 68 302 2bl with 113k. I`m trying to figure out if this is a fuel problem or electrical problem. After I start my car and it warms up, I can take it for miles and miles on the highway but once I get off the highway at about 30 mins into city driving at a random light the car would shut off. When I start it, it will start right back up (always starts back up) and keep on going, sometimes it`ll stall again when I stop other times it wont. Occasionally when I drive I do see the belts dummy light flashing on the cluster. This is what I have changed in the engine (everything else should be presumed original from 68):
new Block to ground cable to battery
new positive cable to battery
new starter solenoid
new mech. fuel pump
new alternator (charges between 13.1 to 14.1 when driving)/battery/voltage regulator
New spark plugs, distributor cap, plug wires, air cleaner
new water pump/radiator/tstat/hoses

-With that being said I have not changed the frame to starter solenoid ground and my carb has a tiny leak at the base of the carb ( I would say about 3 ounces of gas a month). The carb seems to be working fine besides that and before it stalls there is no rough idle. Any ideas? something that acts up when its warmed up perhaps?
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