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According to the experts at, there are only 273 of the 7 Litre Convertible known to exist from the 2,368 originally produced.

After a tour in Viet Nam the original owner bought this '66 Ford 7 Litre from his local Ford dealer. When his family outgrew the car, it was sold. Later, he bought the car back from the 2nd owner, with plans to restore it to original condition.*

At some point, the body was lifted from the frame and the floor removed, from the front pans all the way back. A full floor and trunk panel from a donor car was welded into place. While the body was off, the frame was painted, the body to frame bushings replaced, the suspension updated with new parts (bushings, tie rod ends, ball joints, shocks,* etc.).

Some time after the car and frame were reunited, the man's health failed and he eventually died. The car was stored inside for years, before and after his passing.

The car has a very decent body and I find it hard the believe the floors ever needed replacing. The quarters do have rust in them. They were not properly repaired and have filler that is beginning to show it. The car is no rust bucket though.*
Rockers and doors are in good shape. The original doors are included but have some small rust holes. The maroon ones on the car are very nice.*

Somewhere along the line, the original engine was replaced. I'm not sure what size it is, but the heads have a 1972 casting date on them. It will probably run with a little coaxing - that's obviously what the original owner was working toward again - but in my opinion it needs a '66 428 in it. They're not too hard to find, and as long as it has the proper date codes it will be numbers matching, as Ford did not vin stamp the engines in 1966.

The transmission is a C6 from what I can tell. One piece case/bellhousing. That makes sense because floor shifter in the car was for a 3 speed automatic.

There were two rebuilt calipers in the trunk for the factory front disc brakes. Receipt was almost $300 and they're still in their boxes.

There is a variety of loose parts for the car that are not mounted (like door mirrors, rocker trim, etc.).

The rag joint gave up the ghost when we brought it home. Currently not steerable. Will replace it, if possible, before pick up.

This is an investment grade muscle car project. These cars bring comparable money to the 427 Galaxies when finished.

Price is $7,000.

A $500 non-refundable deposit required upon purchase. Pay balance when you pick it up.

Car is in Hazel, KY 42049.

We would consider classic or muscle car trade (70 Coronet, 58 Edsel are favorites - or others as long as comparable in value) or partial trade.

Thanks for looking.


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