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Something of minor interest

Gold Star Mothers

You really should be sitting down when you read this one. Gold Star Mothers
is an organization made up of women whose sons were killed in military
during service in the United States armed forces.

Recently a delegation of New York State Gold Star Mothers made a trip to
Washington, DC to discuss various concerns with their elected
representatives. According to published reports, there was only one
politician who refused to meet with these ladies.

Can you guess which politician that might be? Was it New York Senator
Charles Schumer? Nope, he met with them. Try again. Do you know anyone
serving in the Senate who has never showed anything but contempt for our
military? Do you happen to know the name of any politician in Washington
who's husband once wrote of his loathing for the military?

Now you're getting warm! You got it! None other than the Queen herself,
Hillary Clinton. She refused repeated requests to meet with the Gold Star

Now -- please don't tell me you're surprised. This woman wants to be
president of the United States --- and there is a huge percentage of voters
who are eager to help her achieve that goal.
Sincerely, Cdr. Hamilton McWhorter USN (ret)

PS: Please forward this to as many people as you can. We don't want
this woman to even think of running for President. May you sleep in peace
always...and please...hug or thank a Veteran for that privilege.

Think about this one !!! Don't forget, our girl, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as
a New York Senator, now comes under this fancy Congressional Retirement and
Staffing Plan. It's common knowledge that, in order for her to establish
they purchased a million+ dollar house in upscale Chappaqua, NY. Makes

Now, they are entitled to Secret Service protection for life. Still makes
sense. Here is where it becomes interesting. The mortgage payments hover at
about $10,000 per month. BUT, an extra residency had to be built within the
acreage in order to house the Secret Service agents. The Clinton's now
the Secret Service $10,000 monthly rent for the use of said Secret service
residence and
that rent is just about equal to their mortgage payment, meaning that we,
tax payers, are paying the Clinton's mortgage, their transportation, their
safety and security, their 12 man staff, and it's all perfectly legal.

How many people can YOU send this to?

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1. Wouldn't vote for her- way too slick.
2. Do you have any info. on the veracity or accuracy of this story- maybe an AP article or some other reliable source? I see a LOT of this kind of stuff on the net and a good deal of it is BS. People like what they read and spread it around w/out checkiing to see if it is true...

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