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Rear axle seal questions

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I gotta leak from the rear pass axle. I've searched thru old posts here, and I've got some questions. Lemme apologize up front if any of these questions seem overly stupid.

1) what's the best way to clean up the vent?
2) how would i be able to tell if I need axle sleeves?
3) I read a post where someone stated that you could use the axle as a pry bar to remove the old seal - how else could you do this?
4) where's the best place to buy bearings and seals for the rear axles - '63 Gal.
5) the leak is running down the outside of the backing plate- - this will require gasket change as well, right. Are there one or two gaskets (inner and outer) - Mac's sells one and Concour's sells inner and outer



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Thanks guys.

I can't mess the shoes up - they're off the car. I was changing the entire break system when I noticed some black spots on the garage floor under the rear pass. backing plate showed the signs. I'll probably get a couple of seals in case I screw one up.

I used the slide hammer and the puppy popped right out of there. Of course, I checked AutoZone for a new one and their computer shows they have 4 but, alas, they don't have jack. I'll order from Mac's or Concours I 'spose.

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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