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Rear end, 2004 V6 questions

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Okay, here's the deal, i've wanted to get some added pep into my 2004 v6 for a while and i think rear end gears would be great. i was looking into upgarding to some 3.73's and putting a track-lock into it. i wanted to know whether anybody knew whether using thes tock 7.5" rear end and buying gears and the t-lock then getting them installed would be cheaper than getting a 8.8" with the gears and t-lock already installed. or if it would be about equal. also, is there anything, like a ranger or something that i would be able to pull the 8.8 out of that already has that setup? another question. i know that on teh 2004 you need to program the computer to get the speedometer correct. would i need tobuy the programmer for that, or are there any shops that would be able to install the gears and reprogram the computer for me without buying the programmer myself?

thanks guys.


'67 coupe, wimbelton white. 331 stroker backed by a T5 and 4.56;1 9" detroit locker. not sure the horsepower or torque but i know it's fun, when it's running.

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any idea on charges for a recal at the dealer? or know anyone in the seattle area of washington where i could get a good deal on an 8.8"?
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