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rear end ID

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I pulled this tag of a rear end, curious what exactly I have

From the tag

345 A75 8B17

Thanks if you can help me decipher this.

It's for my Step-Dads 32' build.

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I don't know what rearend that is but this'll bump ya to the top. It's not anything between 60-67 that i can find in my book.

Thanks for the help.

It's a rolling chassis more or less, had a Ch**y 350/350 and that has gone by the wayside for a 460 build.

Trying to figure out what rear it has, I'm a noob to the big stuff but looks like some type of 4 link rear end.

The axle looks like a 9" to me. Trying to be certain though.

It does have only 4 lugs.
A 4 lug 9"???? hmm don't know if one was ever built? Mustang II's had 4 bolt 8"ers in some of them ( even had trac lock in some)

Look at this and see if it helps ID the style anyway.

an 8" or 9" will have the removable carrier not the rear inspection cover ( intregral carrier style) HTH Stu
This site is a good one for visual ID.
Great thanks!!
its a 7.5 rear end w/ a 3.45 non-limited slip diff. most likely out of a 4cyl mustang or possibly a ranger
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