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About 3weeks ago i found a 63 4 dr v-8 Falcon in a metal salage yard. Bought the 8" rear end out of it for $100.00. Tore it down and looks like the PO had started to restore the car becouse the brake parts were new( be setting for 2-3 years) the drums were new,(never turned) and the axle bearings appear to be new. The big plus was the tag said it is a 3:25 gear. Was going to use a Mav.-Comet 8" in my Ranchero build but now i'll use the 63 v-8 Falcon rear.
Also found new rubber vent window seals,new heater plenum seal,new wiper arms, new gas pedal, etc. etc. Came out real good on this deal.

Butch Evans: Falconeer
Thomasville NC
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