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rear window installation on a 64 FB

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How and what is all needed to installed a rear window on a 64 fastback. i just recieved my window and i know i need to get the weatherstripping. what else is needed.

Also where the window sides there are there little tabs and a couple broke off when cleaning the area up, does this matter?

thanks for the help.

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I know you need the clips for the stainless trim. I am not sure what tabs you are describing though. My whole rear window metal from opening out 3" was refabricated and my window went in with no problem. Hope this helps.
the clips im talking about are tached on the inside of the valley where the window sits. what kind of glue do i use for the window? and is there a way to "french it in flush without the trim?
I think the clips you are describing are removable and are for the trim. Use a black substance that you can get a glass shop and it comes in a caulking gun tube. We used a new seal from Steel Rubber and then used the black stuff to make sure I never have a leak like the one that almost put the car on the endangered species list. You don't need to put the trim back on but it looks better with it on. Too much other chrome on care exspecially the front window to leave it off. It would look funny IMO.
Better check the build date on the car. There are two sizes of back windows. Built before 2-21-64 uses a rubber weatherseal. The later ones use butyl rubber mounting tape available at automotive paint stores.

The weatherseal can be purchased at most of the old Ford stores, Macs, Dennis Carpenter, Dearborn Classics, etc. I can dig up the part number on the 3-M tape if you need it.
i just bought a rear window off ebay for my 64, i hope its the right one..... a galaxie catalog i have only lists one seal for the back window for a 64 galaxie. the cars window was busted when i got it but it was put in with a black caulking it seemed (when i wa
s pulling the broken pieces out)
Let us know the build date code on the Data Plate(warranty), and we can decode it for you.

Also let me know the side to side measurement.


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maybe off cause my wife was helping me but its around 56 inches at the top and 62.6 inches at the bottom. (may be a little off. this is including the curve). ill get the data plate to you tomarrow.
I dunno if the 64 is even at all like the 65, but:
I had a impossible time finding trim clips for the 65...ended up using slightly newer trim clips, but had to drill/screw them into the sheetmetal before installing glass...of course a week after putting it in, found the clips on ebay...bought a spare set for just in case..the seller was 'floridaautofastener' I think...the ones for the 65 have a little plastic tab that supports the glass the proper height from the sheetmetal, AND they go back up along the ouuter edge to hold the stainless.
I used the butyl rubber cord to mount the glass, but the rear window I got was curved a bit different from my straight roof sides, and when corners sat deep in the rubber, there was still a gap at the center(guy I got it from then told me it came from a 66 montclair, and supposed to be the same...not) I went back and got the urethane window adhesive in the caulking gun tube- and filled the gaps/went around outside- so far so good...
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