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Rebuild my 289 or replace with a 5.0?

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I have been pricing components and machine work and have found that for about the same price it would cost to rebuild my 289 short block, I can purchase a Ford Racing 5.0 roller short block from Jegs. It is right around $1400 delivered.

I have a few questions.

Will my 289 oil pan and timing chain cover work with the 5.0 block?

Can I use a mechanical fuel pump on the 5.0 or would I need to go with and electric pump?

How about the water pump? Will a 289 style pump fit?

Any problems with using a C-4 with the 5.0 block?

FWIW, with either combo I intend to use Windsor Jr heads, approriate cam for 1500-5800 range, Air Gap manifold and a 600cfm Edelbrock carb.
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Anything you can do, install or replace on a 302 works on a 289, and vis a versa.

The only exceptions are the early 5 bolt bellhousing blocks, the late model one piece rear main crank seal, lifter bore height for hydralic roller lifters and the sometimes disputed length difference in cylinder bore. Oh, yeah...make sure to match the water pump to the block and the application.

Keeping it simple...anything you can do to a 289, you can do on a 302; most of the things that you can do to 302, you can do to a 289 - with the exceptions noted above.
all your parts will work on a 302. both engine use the same block. 289 has a short stroke with a longer rod
And for the same money you could turn your 289 into a 347.
Parts alone would run me over $1000, plus machine work. I would be more tempted to turn the 289 into a 331, if I could buy the parts AND get the machine work done for around $1500 for the short block.
Why bother with the 302? If the cars not gonna be kept all original I'd go with a 351w. It'll bolt in no problems unless you've got a really small car, weighs about 70lbs more, only issue may be headers but I doubt it. PAW has a balanced 351w short block w/forged pistons, 10:1 comp., for under $1400. Your 289 heads will bolt on but you'd have to get the head bolt holes enlarged, you'd be better of getting some GT40 heads and getting those worked on instead.
It's a 64 Fairlane, so the clearance would be tight with a 351. I did find a 331 stroker kit from speed-o-motive for $795.
Would be great if you can make the 331 work within your budget. Usually you can get a 347 kit for the same price.
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