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Rebuilding aluminum master cylinder

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Ive looked all over and cant find much on this that I dont know already. I pulled this MC from the 78 donor and it is an aluminum Bendix MC. Kind of special it turns out since I dont think bendix makes any more aluminum MC anymore and any other brand MC that I found that was aluminum was over $100 and that is not including if it will go with the 67 Gal booster I'll be using. So, provided I dont find anything, is there anything I need to know about rebuilding these beyond what is elementary. I read that it is best to buy MC new because remanufactured MC are prone to more chance of failure, unless they are SLEEVED whatever that entails. What and how is sleeving. Oh, it is a 1" bore which I guess is supposed to be good.

71pinto, what are viton rings anyway?

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I'd just get a new iron one from a similar application. I've rebuilt iron ones and the biggest problem especially on a master that sat for a long time is water separation (from a freeze thaw cycle) in the bores that pit the bore wall. If you can't hone it smooth then the new seals will eventually fail from abrasion on the rough surface. Stu
On 2006-03-07 19:06, v8shadow wrote:
Thats just the thing, isnt aluminum supposed to be resistant to that hence the higher cost. Also, if I can save this that would be great due to the big difference in weight. I do alot of extra legwork to save on weight everywhere I can.

Well can you find a rebuild kit for it? If you can clean it up and get a hone go a ahead.

Just a thought, I have seen a lot of swaps use modern Dodge full size van aluminum masters for various swaps. Think the have a similar foot print to Fords. Stu
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