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Regular Maintenance

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Just making sure, the transmission and diff fluid needs to be changed every 30,000 miles right? Also, how often should the suspension componets be lubed?
This is for a 2003 Mustang GT w/ the TR3650 manual trans.
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Check with the dealer on maintence intervals. And then just do it yourself to save 500 in labor.
Don't you have the owners manual?
I do but it tells me nothing. It doesn't tell me when to change the transmission fluid (except w/ automatics), says nothing about the rear end, and says nothing about the suspension. I'm assuming that Ford just wants me to bring it in since they don't tell me but I'd prefer to do it myself. So, can anyone confirm the 30,000 mile interval for the rear end/tranny and can someone tell me what is a good interval for suspension components? Thanks for the help.
I'd do the tranny every 20-30K miles and the rear at least every 30K.

BTW all the suspension points are sealed.

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Thnaks for the info. Say if I put some aftermarket rear control arms in w/ grease fittings, what would be a good interval to add grease?
lubing your suspension components is as crucial to suspension as oil is to the motor. lube parts at every oil change. using a grease gun, blow grease into the boot until the old black grease is overflowing and you can see new red or whatever color the new grease is. im a mechanic and i see worn suspension parts all day long because the "quick lube" places dont do their job so people are riding around with suspension rubbing metal to metal. think of your tie rods and ball joints and knees and elbows. ball and socket-the idea is very similar to your own body.
Thanks for the help everyone.
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