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So, I'm set to go with putting all the trim back on 62 four door. But I am stumped as to how to deal with the annodized aluminum. I've heard the best way is to remove the annodized coating and just polish the aluminum. Sounds great.

But how do strip off the annodizing? I've tried the electrolosis method which worked amazinly on stainless and other ferrous metals but did nothing to the aluminum. Does anyone kow what the best course is?


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This reply has been posted before. Use one can of Draino or Red Devil Lye for each five gallons of water, and soak the aluminum. Make a container that will hold your biggest piece, for the soultion. Use rubber gloves and eye protection, and all precautions for dealing with Lye.

The soaking time varies by the thickness and size of the parts. I usually check the progress about each hour. You can take the parts out and wash with a soapy soultion to determine if they need more soaking.

I use an old bathtub for my vat. It works very well.

When the soaking is complete, and the trim is washed: light sand with 600 grit wet or dry sandpaper. Then polish with Wenol for a high luster.

It is really not that much trouble after you learn how to do it. Saves a lot of money too.

BTW: You can soak more than one part at the time. It depends on the size of the contaier. The large plastic storage containers available at Family Dollar and other stores are good for small parts. The solution does'nt react adversly to the plastic.


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This is an old post, but I just checked and they still carry
it. Look under Anodizer Remover. Works like a charm.



Check this place out.
Village Buffing Supplies
Boyd & Reba Hardin
902 East 22nd. St.
Kannapolis, NC 28083

Phone - 704-933-0084
Fax - 704-933-4180
E-mail - [email protected]
Link -

They sell a chemical solution that looks like powdered detergent. ( it's Sodium
Hydroxide ) You mix a small amount with water and then soak your aluminum
part in it for about 10 - 15 minutes, sometimes longer. During that time
the part will start to react with the solution and the hard anodized
surface on the part will dissolve into the solution. (the solution starts
to fizz and bubble)
After you feel it's all gone, you rinse the part off with clean
water and the part will have a very dull, but smooth appearance. Then you
polish it just like you would any other piece of aluminum that you'd want
a nice finish on. This is also a good time to work out any dents or
scratches you need to fix. You can use buffing compounds, Wenol, Mothers,
etc. Then you have the option of either applying some kind of clear to
protect it, like POR-15's "Glisten PC". Eastwood has a clear also, but
it didn't hold up well when I tried it on some trim for another project.
Some people opt to just keep the aluminum shined up and waxed
periodically, with Mothers, Eagle wadding polish, semichrome polish,
Wenol, Zoops, etc. If your car's not out in the weather all the time that may be
OK. If it's going to see weather it might be best to cover it.
This little jar will make several gallons of solution. If you
save it in jugs you can keep it for years. I have some several years old
that is still strong.
Good luck, Phil
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