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I have a 78 f150 lwb 2wd with a 460, 9" rear and a three speed auto.

The engine, once hot.....runs at idle at as low as 5 psi at times, and under acceleration, may get around 20.
It seems to be burning a lot of oil.

I'm thinking it needs to be rebuilt to say the least; but I don't have another vehicle and can't be not working while I wait for that motor to be rebuilt. (I can change parts)..... probably even remove and install the engine, but I'm not comfortable diving off into my first rebuild just yet, not with so much at stake. So I was considering buying a reman and then possibly keeping the wore down block for a later project.

So my question is should I get a reman 460 for a 68-70 Lincoln Continental/ mklll with no smog and no retarded timing, or should I stick with the year/ make specific 460 for the 78 f150 that I will be putting it in?

Thanks in advance. This truck will be a daily driver.....though I would like to mod it out or play with it later if possible.

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