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remove front shocks

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I was wondering how to remove the front shocks of my 1973 Mustang Mach 1 without removing the springs. Is it necessary to remove the shock with the spring or can I remove the shock tower support? I would appreciate your help on this matter.
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You don't need to remove the springs.

Unbolt the shocks at the bottom. You may have to move the suspension up or down to get a straight shot at the bottom nuts. You'll need an assortment of socket extensions too and a deep socket . When you get them off unbolt the three bolts on the top of the shock tower bracket and pull the shock up and out. Remove the shock from the bracket. installation reverse of removal. Stu
got done doing that a few weeks ago, coupe tho, not mach 1
follow your shock down to the bottom and theres two nuts take those nuts off, once that is done, under the hood your going to need a small wrench to use for the very top of the shock so it doesnt spin and then another wrench for the actual nut, remove the nut, once that it done remove the three nuts on the shock bracket on top of the shock tower. remove the shock bracket and remove the shock reverse steps to install!
chilton has a really good book for 64-73 mustangs for 24 bucks it's well worth it hope i was some help!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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