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restoration DIY

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I have a 66 GTA fairlane. The car is complete but needs to be restored, the paint is dead and the wrong color, all the interior is torn or cracked, the body has no dents but some bubble rust coming through at the lower corners of the doors and fenders. My real question is can I do this myself. I have pretty good mech skills but only basic hand tools. No compressor, welder, cutting torch or lift. I do have a drill press, bench grinder and a 45'X60' machine shed.
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Time to buy a Air-compressor and some other toys. You can do it! I wish I had your shop.
Splurge for a good air compressor, not an elcheapo, and you will never be sorry. Then for $150.00 you can buy enough tools from Harbor Freight to get by with. They won't be commercial quality, but will be good for starters.

I wish my shop was as big as yours. My shop is only 26.5' x 36', with an enclosed shed on back.


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I do have a electric impact wrench.
You will need the Copmpressor to run cutoff's, sand blaster, drill, airhammer and whatever else. Prime and paint also.
I bought a single stage 10yrs ago about $400, it's lasted. But should of bought a duel stage.
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