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Restoration Tool Needed for \'65 Mustang:

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I am in the process of assembling the doors on my '65 Mustang. I ordered new vent window weatherstripping for each side. I bought the parts from CJ's Pony parts. The vent window rubber weatherstripping attaches to the metal part of the vent window assembly with some small brass "Brads"? that are included in the kit. One side of the brad has a flat end, and the other end needs to be flattened out to firmly attach the rubber part to the metal window frame. I have tried all kinds of methods to flatten out the end of the brads, but all I have been able to do is destroy a handfull of them. There has to be a tool that will accomplish this task. Does anyone have any ideas, or has anyone else ever re-done their vent window assemblies?
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I've done the vent window weather stripping and channels on many classics but have never encountered these brass brads... sorry Cupcake...

Maybe this tool is what you are looking for. Not sure if this link will work but dearborn has a vent window tool that you can rent. Maybe give them a call.
sounds the same as my 65 falcon. i used a flat punch on the head of the brad and a center punch on the other end. just go slow with light taps to keep it straight.
i think the tool for rent is for a different style vent window.
I used a welding c-clamp on it if its the one I'm thinking about. I just kept tighting it down until it was smushed enough to hold it.
I just threw the brass rivets in the spare parts box and pop riveted them in place. Since there is no pulling to be done opening and closing the vent, the aluminum rivets worked just fine.

Mr. Ed
Did you ever solve this issue and how. I have the same kind of vent windows so i would like to know.
After searching hi and low for the tool and trying to make a tool that didn't work, I am probably going to have to use some very short pop rivets. I will have to flatten out the remaining portion that still sticks up a little. I tried one today and it seems to work. I'll let you know.
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