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After some deep and meaningful conversations with my auto engineer, we have basically settled on the two main issues that stop engine conversions from being approved (in South Australia that is).
1) Torsional rigidity.
2) Stopping power.

When I fitted the BB to my 1979 Ford ute I had to underatke a lot of testing on the brakes side. Torsional rigidity was fine in the stock chassis.
As it turned out the addition of the 9" disc rear added sufficient weight to the rear so that I had no lockup problems at all.

My next project (if missus allows it) is to put a stock 351 cleve in a 1970 Cortina (like rdpracing run) with a 4/5 speed gearbox.
I was thinking that torsional rigidity is fairly easy to improve with the addition of chassis stiffeners etc, but the brakes are another issue. My thoughts are towards retrofitting ABS to a 4 wheel disc setup from a later Ford model.

My question to the board is has anyone done a retrofit of ABS to an early Ford before?

From what I understand of it, you need a speed sensor from gearbox, speed sensor from wheels and a controller for the post booster distribution of fluid pressure.
Electronic gearbox speedos are readily available from 1979 and up models.
Discs can be drilled and have magnets added.
Wheel sensors are off the shelf items as is the electronic and hydraulic modulators (about 1500 new)

If anyone has done anything like it I'd like to know about it.
It would make pretty much any vehicle/motor combo a lot easier to register and not a bad idea from a safety perspective anyway.

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