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The wife and I are heading home from the store,This obnoxious chick in a Honda is up my ass weaving and Revving her little burner,This chick has all the so called "toys" wing,spoiler,etc and a REAL annoying huge exhaust pipe,here's where it gets revenge time,I ask my wife if she bought any Rice at the store while we are sitting at a very long redlight,she says yes and I tell her to dig it out..... I open the bag(the chick is almost next to me at this point) and I throw Rice all over the ground under and behind her car,I then Honk the horn and point down,she rolls her window down and I tell her...."hey the damn rice from your car is spilling all over the road",she gives me a funny look and I say again"hey,look under your car",she opnes the dorr and looks out and you should have SEEN the look on her face,the wife is about to die laughing but hiding it well,NOW the chick is out of the car and behind it cussing like hell...her exact words were" Dammit,these F**king things DO burn rice" I SWEAR thats what she said...light turns green,I haul ass,she is STILL standing there wondering where all the damn rice came from,I AM DYING laffing and so is the wife,does this make me a bad person? and I wonder if she called a towtruck?

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Now THAT'S funny! You betcha I'm carrying rice from now on!
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