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I am fixing to replace the ragtop of my 67 convertible. I have a robbins top with their (patented) folding glass rear window. The top I have is quite old , like 12 years old that I installed and it has a folding glass window (not a robbins top) that has split. How far should the rear most bow be from the stainless steel trim of the well? Seems like it was something like 24 inches or 24 1/2 but I wasn;'t sure how they measured it center of the rear bow tack strip to center of the stainless (hockey sticks) well trim? Or from the edge of the rear bow to the top corner of the stainless well trim piece? Also, any recommendations on what type of pnuematic stapler I should purchase to do this installation?
I used a cheap handheld staple gun last time and how to use a ball peen hammer on most of the staple to finish them.
If there is a web site, outlining step by step that would be helpful too.
Thanks, Bob
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