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The "snout" on Ford rockers are a little longer than Chevy units. They are longer from the fulcrum to the tip.

If the roller tip is just too far forward off the valvestem, and different pushrod lengths won't do the trick, you might try a set of Chevy rockers. The first Twisted Wedge heads were designed around Chevy rockers, and valvetrain geometry could NOT be made right with Ford rockers. It took Chevy rockers and custom length pushrods to do the trick.

A few years ago TFS made a change to allow Ford rockers to work. They even took their old heads back and did some CNC machining to the top of the heads to "correct" the problem. I sent mine in (I bought some when they first came out, which have still never been on a car) and had them modified for free.

Good Luck!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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