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rocker arm help please

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hi all
I have a 70 302. I just installed a comp 268 cam and was trying to adjust the rocker arms. The problem is that the nuts bottom out before they are adjusted. The heads have the stock press in studs and not enought thread. Im using the stock rockers and pushrods. Where do I go from here? Different pushrods rockers or what?
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How are you adjusting the rockers? You need to adjust them depending on valve timing. You can't just Crank down on them, if you are using adjustable rocker. Are the lifters hydralic, are they filled with oil?

There is usually more than enough adjustment. If you adjusting the rockers based correct location of cam lobes. I don't know your skill level, but if the cam is not at the top of the aren't doing this corredctly.

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