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roller valve covers w/ old intake 2bbl breather

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well the way i have it setup right now is so it can run smoothly and not build up pressure blowing a gasket, but it would be embarassing to show you. i have spare cobra ones and would like to use them but i think the breathers are also slightly different, so should i just put on the old powered by ford ones? or can i make the 87 5.0 ones work for now(tight budget make that zero budget) and look better? the back of my carb has that hole and the vc has the pvc valve. and the other one goes into the air cleaner..thanks
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Why can't you drill a hole in the smooth vale cover,add a grommet,and then a PCV valve?By the way,if they are the factory aluminum covers like mine,they polish up real nice with just a little work.
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