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RPM Air Gap/Hood Clearance

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With a stock 75 Maverick Hood will a 302 w/ an Edlebrock air gap intake & breather fit with out hacking the hood.

i never looked to see what clearance i had before pulling hte motor.

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Thanks mavman

BTW, i found a grabber hood last nite in a junkyard. Are they any different from the regular hoods or is it just the decal?

They looked the same.

On 2006-06-24 09:08, 89 coupe wrote:
On 2006-05-17 18:51, mavman wrote:
yeah, they're different. They have the side scoops on them, but as far as height, no, they're the same height.The "scoops" aren't functional. Just for looks.
Many Grabbers didn't have the side scoop hoods. I have had 3 '71-'73 Grabbers over the years all being stock flat hoods with Grabber decals and all were original hoods. I always wanted a true side scoop Grabber hood but liked the Comet GT scoops better. My '73 was the most stripped down of the 3 but my Orange '71 had many options including the still working factory A/C at that time. Great little cars with an awesome streaming body line. I will own another one in the future.

Sorry, got off topic... to answer your question, not all Grabbers came with special hoods. I think about half of the true Grabbers came with Grabber decals on the stock Maverick hoods.
The car had a standard Mav hood with grabber stripes. Thanks for the insight.

BTW, Im from NY also, Massena area.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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