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rusty gas tank!!

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what is the best thing to use to clean and seal a gas tank?
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You might check out some products from Eastwood:
You could also try POR-15, they have an inexpensive kit.

I just went through repairing a rusty tank.

Cleaned the inside, used a handful of stones from the driveway to knock the rust loose. Then used the POR-15 metal prep and then the sealer, it came out perfect!
The point will have to pull the tank (drain it first) to use any product that does anything meaningful. Put a length of chain in the tank along with the solvent. Rattle it around to knock off any loose scale so the solvent can do its job. Drain it and do it a few times to make sure it is really clean inside.

If the tank is available at a decent price, get a new one...might as well, since the work of pulling the tank has already been done. If you can't or won't spend the money for a new tank...then cleaning and resealing the tank with eithe of the kits mentioned will get the job done. I favor the eastwood kit...but either of them should do a decent job, if it is thouroughly cleaned, before being resealed. Be sure to blow out the line, replace and/or clean the filter and carb after you do the tank.

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I used the POR 15 kit about 15 years ago, still holding up fine. When I emptied out my tank I found a 2" diameter rock, a candy bar wrapper, 2 sticks and a kitchen paring knife! D_mn kids!

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On 2006-04-17 09:10, bmcd66250 wrote:
When I emptied out my tank I found a 2" diameter rock, a candy bar wrapper, 2 sticks and a kitchen paring knife! D_mn kids!


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On 2006-04-17 09:38, FEandGoingBroke wrote:
At least you didn't find your house key's in there...
Or the spare set for the car
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A Quart of 100% Pure Urethane, a can of nuts and bolts or a nice 5/16ths" chain a couple feet long, and 2 day's is all you need to take care of the tank. If interested please drop me a PM, I've done many fuel tanks like this.

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