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Ok, so after I got my car (years ago) I threw an eddelbrock performer intake on and an eddelbrock 4 barrel (don't remember if its a 600 or 650?).

Car has only been run periodically since, but I had a revelation this week. I re checked the numbers on the car and in my FSM. This car came with a 2 barrel (also its a 289).

I am going to guess that for a variety of reasons, I shouldn't have just threw the 4 barrel on there and let it rip. Or am I wrong? Keep in mind my engine tuning knowledge is nil, but I plan on working on that.

Just curious in the meantime If I should change back to a 2 barrel? I would need to change the intake also, right? I plan on putting a different engine in someday, but we know how those plans go, right?

Thanks for any and all input.
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