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Hey folks. I have a request from anyone of you all who have the new body mustang. I'm looking to adapt the rear seat into my 1965 fastback.

Can one of you do me a huge favor and measure the rear seat width at the cushion, the height from the cushion to the top of the vertical portion of the seat and lastly the depth of the seat both cushion and vertical back?

I am doing away with the fold down portion of my seats and I would like to use the new mustang seats. I'm ok with fab work so if I can get the seat at a good price from a salvaged car I'm going to give it a go.

Seat measurements needed:

Seat width at cushion_____"

Seat height from cushion to top of vertical back______"

Seat depth at seat cushion to vertical back_______"

Seat depth at vertical back to rear deck/glass_____"

Thanks for the help.
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