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At the beginning of racing season I rebuilt a c4
For my dads car. This was a ******* c4 pretty basic
With a tci RMVB and tci servo in a c5 case. It appeared
that some
One had damaged it by letting the washer behind the
Pump fall and bolting it down and ran it anyway.
I am a good and meticulous mechanic so I went
Through it and replaced all the hard parts that were
Damaged and new frictions and set all clearences and
Endplay to spec. Having very limited internal trans experience
I was actually very confident that it was a good repair.
The problem comes in that the car didn't run nearly as
Quickly as it should and dad complained often that it felt
Like the trans was dragging. I had it open 2 more times
Checking everything for signs of an issue and everything seemed
In order. Now that the seasons over and the tea
s is out I pulled the servo to stick in my trans and I noticed
That the case is pluged and both o rings are on the piston.
I know enough now to know that is a no-no but no one has explained
What can happen when this is done so I know if this will cause
An issue like this or what else. Any info that someone can offer
Will we much appreciated as I would like to have this problem resolved
And have this trans perform as good as mine.

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Could well be the source of your problem. That hole is a vent between the two seals . The TCI valvebody i believe is meant to only run the large seal.. As for what it would cause i'd think possible the servo slow to release maybe ??
What issues were you having when you say didn't feel right .
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