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Hi guys. I have been lurking for awhile and absorbing the mountains of information available here. Hopefully you can help me out. I did not find out that the World Products Windsor Sr heads had a different plug location that not all headers will work with until after I had purchased the heads and found this site. What brands of short tubes will work with the SRs? I am looking at unequal length because this is going in a 79 T-Bird and not a 'Stang. I do not think I have enough room for equal length shorties and there are no long tube headers made for this chassis and a 351W..Is there? Something else that has been bugging me...Has anyone ever figured out why the left factory exhaust manifolds for the small blocks looks like a cast iron header and may flow pretty decent, while the right side is just a log and looks like it wouldn't flow worth crap?
Any advise or answers will be appreciated.
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