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Should I be worried??

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A friend of mine is almost done with his 302 build which includes 30 over 302 with pop-ups (unknown comp ratio), comp cams magnum solid cam advertised duration 306\306, lift .592\592, lobe sep 110, victor jr intake & holley 750 double pumper on extensively ported 302b iron heads unknown valve sizes but I know they are oversized, c4 with 3500 stall and 4.10 rear gears on m.t et slcks 26x10.5 His car (strip only) is slightly heavier than my capri so I reckon about 2950lbs. My set-up is similar just a milder cam, 40 over with pop-ups, worked iron heads, vic jr & 750 holley, all msd, c4 & rear end & tyres are the same, my capri (strip only) weighs in at 2600lbs.....It,s no biggy to me if he,s set-up is faster (ha!ha!) but I just wanna be prepped coz I know he's also good at the lights.....Cheerz Rob.
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300 pounds=.30 in the 1/4


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