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SMOG vs. License Fees in CA .... Test only = expensive

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For the 3rd time, in a row; I have been told to take my Broncos to an expensive, "Test-only" SMOG certification. Both passed, and always do…by a wide margin.

What makes my shorts ride up, is the SMOG fee is more than the license fee! And they keep telling me that I need to go to the $70 - $100 test, instead of the regular test, which you can find in a competitive market for $30.

Once every couple of test I could understand. I could even understand the harassment, if the car was barely passing. However, the way they are doing this now, seems to indicate an agenda where they are expecting the car to fail and can't wrap their feeble minds around the obvious fact that a well maintained truck can and will pass the standards set for its year of manufacture.

Even worse, they are using my wallet to get the data to attempt to ban my vehicle. My conspiracy theory paranoia, is beginning to divine all kinds of nefarious plots, plans and implications.

The question: is this a wide spread thing? What’s the count of CA drivers/owners of 74 - 99 car owners that are getting multiple consecutive notices to go to "Test-Only" stations?
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Never had a notice yet... but, only been here 6 mos man, and haven't had the damn '83 f250 to pass yet...

You bring up a good point. I agree with you on this one.

I believe that the state of CA/DMV has a "list" of cars that the state of CA thinks will fail and can only be tested at a "test only" smog station. This list can be viewed online but I don't know the website. I thought that 74's are smog exempt???? Isn't 75 the first year of the whole smog thing.

My wife has to take her 98' mitsubishi eclipse (p.o.s.) to a test only smog station where (in alameda) was actually more like $150 but always passes with flying colors.
It says this on the registration tag notice before she can re-register her car.

my 2000 explorer can go to the $30 place and passes fine.

I don't understand it either...... I really think it all depends on what ca dmv you go to. It seems to me as if each dmv has its own set of rules and ALL of them are corrupt.

FE wait till you go to register your car @ the DMV. CA DMV loves to hit you with all kinds of "out of state" vehicle import fees. at least your truck is older because it goes by a percentage of the purchase price. I guess you would have to get it to pass smog first though. welcome to California

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thank your enviro demo in sacto. they're the ones who want to rescind the 30 year exempt law and smog check ALL cars.

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question- in california are commercial vehicles exepmt? thats my single biggest beef with Ohio...I know of guys withtrucks that will load the hell out of them go get a scale to show over 10k gvw just to be exempt from the echecking...truck plates cost a bit, but bumping over 10 k dont cost as much as the hassle of echeck...and whenever I see a rickety old gas engined dumptruck smoking down the road, it really really gets me fuming. Ive had the joy of going thru echeck here probably 20 times(too many cars) never had one fail, yet big gas burning commercial vehicles that run 100k a year can be exempted???
gripe #2 here is you can go to any surrounding county and they are all exempt- ohios got just 'clusters' that need echeck- guess they figure the wind dont blow or something...
emissions laws are just a way for enviro-maniacs to feel better about themselves and for the states to gain lots of revenue. El Paso has emissions testing, Juarez mexico doesn't( of course). So we carry the emissions burdens of both cities. Also we live in a huge open valley with high winds many parts of the year so smog doesn't get bad unless the winds blow up from juarez. Then we have people who circumvent the law so they can drive their smoke belching piles of junk.
I have registered the jeep here.... Military tax exempt for our of state military reidence status...
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Yeah I guess if you work for the goverment you catch all the breaks...... still has to pass smog though right?????
I've noticed they are picking on alot of the mid to late eighties vehicles with the "test only" registration. With hopes that they will fail and get marked a gross polluter (more money for the state). The equivilent of automotive "AIDS". I see alot of cars running around with the temp reg. sticker in the back window of these cars. Not all junk looking ones either. It's not about smog, it's all about money!
Yep Norcal.... Id did have to pass and I had to buy a new fuel cap to pass....
Here in Idaho it only $15. and its all cars 65 and newer. I agree there shouldn't be any exemption on weight. If its on the road carrying a heave load its puking out tons of stuff and should be checked twice a year LOL . AS well as Big industry should be made to fix there stuff and pass enviromental standards. They are the ones that are REALY causing the polution not so much as the cars are..
On 2006-02-19 18:01, RPM wrote:
thank your enviro demo in sacto. they're the ones who want to rescind the 30 year exempt law and smog check ALL cars.

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And just what has your local Neo-Con done to help? Sold something else to overseas intrest?

Please leave the political affiliation out of the issue. The point is, none of this crap would pass...if they all didn't vote for it.

Beside, I'm not totally against enviromental laws. Read the news, when it can leak through the "Red Curtin" surrounding China...there is an ecological disaster brewing from unchecked industrial businesses getting a free pass, over the objections of health concerns for the people who live in the area. Same thing in India and Mexico. There have to be rules to prevent dumping used chemicals in the water you, me and our children drink, bath in and use for recreation. I don't claim to be a tree hugger, but I'll accept some restrictions, as long as everyone sings from the same prayer book.

"They that can give up essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor safety"-- Benjamin Franklin

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289dual4's hit the nail right on the head! .......its all about money in Kaliphornya
They dont really care if the vehicle pollutes or not, its not their main concern. The big driving force behind it all is the almighty dollar.
They are always comming up with new "rules" or "regulations" designed to separate you from your money.....PERIOD!!
By the way, what are the requirements for smog checks or any other vehicle tests in the state of Texas??
I'll be moving out of the money hungry sh!thole of the 'Socialist Republic of Kaliphornya" maybe later this year, and I'll be arriving in Texas with all my hotrods.
I am so glad I dont live in Cali.
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