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Spectra F27F Fuel Tank into a '66

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Hi all,
I've just pulled my '66 fastback back out of storage and am starting to dive back in to this perpetual project. Years ago I saw others using the Spectra F27F tank in their '66 and picked one up. This past weekend I dropped the old tank and went to reinstall the new one but have run into some fitment issues. I see some threads that make some mention of rolling the edges and other necessary massaging.

I'm just wondering if anyone can clarify what they had to do to get this to fit. I've rolled the edges a bit, but it seems like there that isn't nearly enough to get it to fit into the space of the old one. Additionally, which straps did you use? I have a set for 66-68 but they look to be too short unless this tank tucks up farther than it seems it would.

Any and all thoughts and help are appreciated as I get this back on the road!

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I installed that tank on my 66 galaxie convertible 9 years ago. I used st-f47 tank straps from classiccarautoparts. From what I remember, Had to roll the entire top flaps at the seam where the tank meets the car and the bottom flaps where the straps cross the seams. The edges of those flaps at the seams are very sharp. Even with the flaps folded down, the edges cut through the rubber liners for the straps. It was a tight fit but the tank fit. Haven’t put the car on the road so I can’t speak towards rubbing or any other issues. Hope this helps.
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Thank you for the reply! Looks like I just need to keep rolling the edges. Did you fold them all the way flat on the top? I greatly appreciate the info!
Well that’s been 9 years ago now. From what I remember, I rolled the flap down up top, put rubber between the tank and the straps, and tightened until everything quit moving. More than likely they’re bent flat up top. On the bottom in the picture, it looks like I had to bend the flap out the way of the bolts.
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