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1965 Ford Galaxie LTD, 1966 Fairlane, 1967 Cougar
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My 1965 Galaxie LTD 390 is equipped with the complete factory Ford Speed Control system and after fixing the power seats I've decided to try to get this system working while I have the engine out. I have the Ford manual illustrations and operation instructions, however, I can't find any detailed documents on the construction or rebuilding of each piece.
The photos below show one parts of the system "Speed Control Sensor Pump" C4SZ-9C731-A. The two side plates are held on by snap rings, fairly easy to knock out. The only internals are nylon bushings/pump impeller and the drive shaft.

Has anyone had any experience working on this system? There's a bunch of dried lubricant in there, which strangely smells strongly of spearmint...

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