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I have slightly used set of four progressive wound coil springs for 1999 to 2004 Mustang GT, NOT STV model.

My research showed these to be the preferred springs for those looking for the best handling and lowest stance. I purchased them from TireRack had them installed on my 99 GT for a couple of months until I discovered the car was too low in make it into the drive of my new house.

These springs are ready to install for the DIY mechanic with a jack and jack stands, or as I did had them installed at a good alignment shop for less than $250.00 including an alignment.

The ride is a bit harsher, but not too bad. The car handled like it was on railroad tracks because of its nearly 2" lower center of gravity. I have 17" wheels with 255 tires all around, there was no clearance issues even when turn full lock. I did have to have the mufflers and CATS tucked up at the muffler shop, but that was really cheaply done.

These H&R SUPER SPORT Springs are 100% ,made in Germany of the best quality spring steel. The cost new is $240.00 on TireRack.

I would like to get $175.00 for them, you pay shipping.

Wayne :nerd:


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