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Stainless steel brake hoses

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Anyone that knows want to tell me if I should bother using these for my brake conversion? All I know about them is they swell less so the brake is less spongy. If I am using 78 cougar brakes, what way would I go for braides hoses for that appliation? The flex hose has a certain type of end on it that attatches to the bracket connecting it to the hard line.
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I used them on the 9" I am swapping into my Galaxie. I would also think that they are more resistant to corrosion, both inside from the brake fluid, and outside from the elements. And they look awful nice!
Yeah, I think everyone would say they are an advantage, I just really need to know what I would for my application (78 cougar brakes). Shoot if a had a mustang or camaro I'd be set right ? Ah, but who wants to be just another fish in the pool right ? LOL
what ends do you have? male & female,or female and a banjo fitting at the caliper? you might even compare the ones for the mustang. look at a couple of differnt years to see if something will match.
Mine has a male end to go to the caliper and a female end to attatch to the hard line at the bracket. Thing is, the flex to hard line end has a place for the wrench and two places for horshoe type clips to attatch it to the bracket. I'd like to use all that same hardware, but if it is to much of a BIT** I will go whatever way will work I guess. I'll start making some calls to the braided flex line people.
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