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Stangs for sale cheap

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I saw this in our sale paper today.. just came out... too.. though someone may be area code is 208

MUSTANGS: 1977 Mach I, 1974 notch, 1975 lift, $850 for all. After 6pm, 454-7937.

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Actually, Mustang II's aren't junk. After the shock of seeing an honest to gawd Mustang built on a Pinto platform, they turned a lot of Ford folks off in '74. So they started with a bad stigma from the start. They also had the same rustout problems as the Pintos, which makes a clean one a rare find today. Along with making a cool and rather unique street/strip machine, 'Stang IIs (and Pintos) have great front end geometry, an easy to work with classis, the 2300 is a pontentionally good race engine and they have ruled the 4 banger circle track classes for years


My lifelong goal is to tear down a mall and build a race track.

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